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Susan Timberlake is a project manager and creative content developer. Her background includes knowledge of a broad range of STEM fields and training in evaluation methods.


You can reach Susan by email at s.timberlake<at>gmail.com or through LinkedIn.


Unreservedly recommend

Susan excels at striking the right note, whether she’s finessing the verbiage of a label or fostering collaboration between departments. Her commitment to an inclusive process, her skill as a writer, and her personal curiosity about best practices in the field as well as the content she researches make her a pleasure to work with. I would unreservedly recommend Susan.

– Emma Westling
Manager of Exhibitions, MIT Museum

Efficient, productive, sensitive

Working with Susan was always a pleasure. She has the capacity to be both professionally responsible and personally sensitive. This created a shared work environment that was highly efficient and productive on the one hand, and emotionally stable and respectful on the other.

– Arthur Ganson

An exceptionally skilled writer

Susan and I worked together on the script writing team at JoVE. Susan is an exceptionally skilled writer; she consistently produced scripts that were clear, organized, and easy to follow. She worked with authors to create a script that would most accurately represent their research, always taking the extra time to clear up any inconsistencies and make sure that her scripts were scientifically correct. Susan also took initiative at updating our internal protocols and procedures in an effort to streamline our workflow. She thought outside the box and introduced me to some tools and resources that I still use today. Working with Susan was a pleasure, and I learned a lot from her during our time on the scripts team. I am confident that she will be a great asset wherever she chooses to work in the future.

– Anastasia Gomez

An incredible mentor

Susan was an incredible mentor and continues to be someone that I consider a friend so many years later. With Susan’s guidance, I was able to complete a number of projects for the ongoing development of the CompuerPlace exhibit. Her attention to detail, thoughtful support and creative problem solving helped me thrive as an Intern, and contributed greatly to my professional development and early career success.

– Tracy Cunningham
Sr. Instructional Designer at BJ's Wholesale Club

Talented and skilled

Susan is a talented and attentive exhibit developer who I highly recommend. She is a skilled label writer and researcher, a conscientious communicator, and has a very collaborative approach to working with others. Susan gently encourages her colleagues to consider new ideas and options, and having worked alongside her at the MIT Museum, I admire and appreciate her thoughtfulness.

– Brindha Muniappan
Director of Programs, MIT Museum

Superb work

In my experience, Susan’s work — whether it’s content she developed based on reserach or support of others — has been superb. She is an excellent editor and handles complexity unusually well. For example, she was responsible for the patient stories in Beyond the X-Ray, which meant interviewing cancer patients and then presenting the patient’s experience (logistically and emotionally) as well as the science through easily understood audio, images and text. These stories have been very well received by Museum visitors, doctors and advisors, and by the patients themselves.

– David Rabkin
Associate Vice President, Museum of Science

First-rate writing

Susan is an intelligent, insightful developer, and an excellent teammate and coach. Her research is meticulous, her writing first-rate, and her editing skills are amazing.

In 20+ years in the exhibits business, I have rarely met anyone who combines as much intellect, passion, and sensibility as Susan does.

– Ed Rodley
Associate Director of Integrated Media, Peabody Essex Museum