Social media editor-at-large

Is there such a thing as guerrilla editing? For practice and entertainment (and to demonstrate my editing skills), I like to edit or even rewrite snippets of published text. I usually focus on signage, but this time I turned my attention to a social media post.

Improving the UX of a LinkedIn post

As the Nielsen Norman Group explains in Less is More, it usually doesn’t help the user when a UI includes several different ways to complete a task. The social media post below offers two options that both (eventually) lead the user to the same place, but there’s no way for the user to know that. By shortening the text, we can eliminate that ambiguity and reduce the number of choices.

Is it worth the time to edit a LinkedIn post this carefully?

I have no way of knowing how many people viewed the post or how many viewers followed the link. But as of this writing, Google has more than 25 million followers on LinkedIn and the original post has more than 8,500 reactions, comments, and shares. Fewer choices can lead to increased conversions, according to research on choice overload. If the edit increases conversions by even a few percent, that could increase the number of visitors to the blog by thousands.

How much time would you be willing to spend to increase your numbers that much?